EMBLEM SOWADE150 – The product which makes up your wallpaper:

The wallpaper is a coated fleece material, enhanced for everyday usage in inkjet printers. The surface seems matte and feels soft. The weight of the wallpaper is 150 g/m². SOWADE150 is free from any PVC and other pollutants. The wallpaper was created for perfect printability and handling. The gluing is done on fabric. The opacity is at least 89%. The surface for gluing has to be dry, clean, hard and also absorbent and smooth. Normally the wallpaper is used in a wallpaper adhesion technique in which the wall is pasted. With several length of wallpaper the pasting is most frequently done on fabric.

If needed a double seam cut can be made while dry. The length of wallpaper should be pressed on with either a moss rubber roller or a papering brush. Escaping glue should immediately be removed with a wet cloth or sponge. SOWADWE150 is easily removable when dry. The flame resistance was tested according to DIN EN 13501-1 with the result of C-s1, d0. Typical applications for this wallpaper are individual room design in upscale hotel industry, in sophisticated private houses, high-class gastronomy, in museums, malls, and galleries.

Greenguard Certification

SOWADE150 is printed with an inkjet printer. The used inks have been tested after drying as a finished product and have been reported as a “Certified for low chemical emissions” according to UL.COM/GG meaning they have the so called “GREENGUARD Gold Certificate” The “GREENGUARD Gold Certificate” guarantees that an item meets the most strict and comprehensive regulations for VOC emission. The “GREENGUARD Gold Certificate” takes into account the safety factors for more sensitive people (like elderly people or small children) and ensures that a product is used acceptably in environments such as schools or health care utilization.

The printed wallpaper is shipped in 70 cm width. Depending on the height of the room chosen in the shop the printing length is determined, which we increase by 5 cm to compensate dimensional differences. The length of wallpaper are cut with a ruler and a cutter knife. For information on this see our detailed description “Processing instructions for gluing of EMBLEM fleece fabrics”.

For attaching the wallpaper we recommend the usage of the premade “EMBLEM EASY-PASTE II”. A 10kg bucket is enough to paste 50 to 60m². Customers who want to work with commercially used glue should work with a specially made glue for paper woven wallpapers. We recommend doing a few test before application.