Processing instructions for pasting of EMBLEM non woven wallpaper


The individual length of wallpaper will be delivered by us on either one or several rolls. Roll out the individual length on a clean surface and separate them with a pair of scissors or a cutter knife. The printed length are approx. 5 cm longer than specified in your order. So you have the opportunity to even out different heights while pasting. Every length is marked and should be put next to each other shortly after. Avoid kinking the wallpaper while working with the extended length. Please check the whole design and also check the length if there are any errors in the print or if the wallpaper itself shows any errors or flaws. Subsequent complaints including returns, exchanges or other compensation claims of proceeded goods are excluded.

Set your wallpaper and tools aside

As glue we recommend EASY PASTE II Contract Paste, a premixed glue which is used undiluted. If you want to mix commercially used glue a special non-woven-wallpaper paste is needed as well as a bucket and a whisk. Please test the self made glue beforehand (Most mistakes happen at this step). The EASY PASTE II is applied with a paste role, the same way commercially used glue is applied. Furthermore needed is a cutter, a cutting ruler, a spirit level and a plumb bob, a pencil, a sponge, a soft, clean cloth, a paste role, a foam rubber roller, a painting brush and a ladder.

The aforementioned information is only a recommendation. Working conditions which lie outside of our influence could cause more auxiliary materials to be needed. In case of doubt, please proceed with enough tests of your own.

Surface preparation:

Remove old wallpaper + residue
Fix cracks, holes and bumps in the wall

The surface has to be dry, clean, smooth, evenly sticky and neutral in color. Old wallpapers should be removed completely. Cracks or holes as well as irregularities and rough surfaces should be smoothed out. If possible pretreat surface with a water-based primer. The space should be uniform in color therefore it could be necessary to apply a pigmented deep foundation.

The non-woven wallpaper does not provide 100% coverage. Bumps on the surface as well as curvatures in the wall could lead to flaws being seen or the motives not fitting correctly.

Non-absorbent surfaces should be pretreated with a renovation fleece. If the non-woven wallpaper is applied on wood chip wallpaper, the underlying structure is preserved.


EASY PASTE II Paste – available in our Shop

For professional usage we recommend using the “EASY PASTE II” The 10kg bucket is enough for 50 to 60m². EASY PASTE II is applied thickly, undiluted to the wall with a roll. This ensures the creation of a paste bed for the wall adhesion technique. Alternatively a home made paste can be used. Please select a special paste made for non woven wallpaper and mix it according the instruction. In case of insecurity personal tests are advised.

If in doubt, we recommend sufficient self-testing.

Application of the wallpaper:

The EMBLEM non woven wallpaper is dimensionally stable and does neither expand in humidity nor contract while drying. The glue is applied to the wall with a roll.

Draw a vertical line perpendicular to the floor on the wall
Apply paste with roll-on painter
Apply first strip of wallpaper along the perpendicular line you marked earlier

The length are glued edge to edge, not overlapping. For correct positioning take plummet, spirit level and pencil and draw a perpendicular line for orientation.

Barely a single wall is totally straight. The first length has to be plumb because the rest of the wall will be aligned next to it. Be careful to apply all the length in the correct order.

Apply first strip of wallpaper along the perpendicular line you marked earlier.

For a better overview we numbered the individual length of wallpaper. Lay the length onto the glue bed vertically from top to bottom. The wallpaper can be ridded of air bubbles with a clean, wet and soft cloth or a foam rubber roller. Remove accumulating waste directly on the wall with a cutting ruler or a sharp box cutter.

Remove air bubbles with a foam roller or soft coth
Remove trim with box cutter
Remove air bubbles and smoothen the wallpaper again
Trim the wallpaper with a cutting ruler or box cutter

Please remove escaping paste immediately with a damp sponge. Otherwise it would remain visible after drying.

Remove leaking paste from the sides
Apply the wallpaper carefully
Use only soft foam rollers or brushes

Possible Errors in Application:

Do not use plastic rolls or brushes. These could deform or destroy the surface of the wallpaper.

Too much heat or ventilation could cause the seams of the glued tracks to open up.

If the paste is too thin a bad adhesion is guaranteed. This can cause seams to open up or parts of the wallpaper could come loose.

Moving the wallpaper too strong on the still wet glue bed could cause it to stretch out too much. When drying the fleece will contract and wrinkles will appear in the individual tracks. In case of doubt, remove the tracks and reapply them carefully.

Removal of glued EMBLEM non-woven wallpaper:

Simply peel off the EMBLEM wallpaper

If the wall was optimally prepared for gluing then the removal of the EMBLEM non-woven wallpaper should be easily done without any residue left behind. If not, the non-woven wallpaper should be moistened. After the moisture has been absorbed the wallpaper will be removed more easily. Non-woven wallpapers have a higher strength than regular paper wallpapers. The non-woven wallpapers can be disposed of with the regular trash in the residual waste bin. If in doubt, ask your local waste disposal company.